Human Capital Management

Our Technology Solutions

Top Foresight delivers leading edge software systems to aid companies boost up their performance beyond vision. Built on in-depth information about performance and backed by Microsoft technologies, our technology solutions are assured to support absolute value to company performance.

Appraisal Form (Excel Edition)

There are three various Excel editions to select from (Lite / Basic / Advanced System). The idea of each system is established on company’s affordability, content, comprehensiveness, and deployment requisite. This permits even a company with small labor force and finite budget to use a highly automated Performance Management System.

Appraisal Form
(Cloud / Enterprise Edition)

The Cloud / Enterprise Edition is specifically for a company with more than 300 personnel and the requirement to perform most of the requirements to integrate with existing or brand new HRMS and the administration functions.

Administration Module

This permits the administrator to gain the control to set-up vital performance parameters as needed globally, and to effectively bring new information up to date like objectives, rules and competency details.
(*Not applicable for the Lite Edition)

Reward Distribution Systems

The Bonus & Increment Distribution System is exceptionally analytic. It permits real-live and instant diagnostic of various bonus choices by modifying and integrating different parameters like Rating Range, Bonus & Increment Factor and the assigned amount.

Support & Development Tools

  • Target Setting
  • Monthly Performance Monitoring
  • Competency Profiling & Proficiency
  • PMS Policies & Procedures