2-Day Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Development Workshop 19-20 March 2019

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September 21, 2017
Human Capital Performance Management Masterclass (certified by ILM, UK) | 17-20 June 2019
August 9, 2018

Still using just basic Excel and paper-based appraisal? Need some sort of automation in managing the appraisal? Then, this workshop is a MUST for you!

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*Complimentary* Appraisal System that you can launch immediately after coming back from the workshop!

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  1. Organizations can no longer just strive on efficiency, they have to be effective, getting people to do the “Right” things and not just do things “Right”.
  2. It is meaningless to measure everything. Choosing the right Measures will create the greatest impact on an organization’s performance.
  3. Key Performance Indicator Methodology, if used properly, can be a powerful Strategic Tool to help organizations balance and manage the overall productivity as well as growth. In fact, it is a powerful Change Management Tool to measure and track people, more importantly, on development-based activities which are the drivers to help organizations achieve sustainable performance.
  4. The problem currently is, many people actually lack the adequate knowledge on how to properly develop objective statements with supporting measures, targets and target ranges. These are the key ingredients of a meaningful Key Performance Indicator. Many existing KPIs are poorly developed and cannot be quantified, unfortunately.
  5. This workshop through the use of smart tools, provides the knowledge and a proven guided process to develop meaningful Objectives, Measures and Targets.
  6. Anthony EL Tan is a certified Strategic Management and Balanced Scorecard Professional from Balanced Scorecard Institute and George Washington University. With more than 18 years of practical consulting experience working with organizations of different industries in the area of Organization Strategic Implementation, he is able to draw on his insights and expertise to guide the audience.

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