Practical Usage of The Balanced Scorecard Methodology to Drive Corporate Strategy


Business Leaders, how can you use The Balanced Scorecard approach in driving Corporate Strategy?

  1. Having a sound business strategy in place is the first and most important step to achieve a sustainable performance culture and organizational success.
  2. One of the most proven methods to help organizations drive business strategy is through the use of The Balanced Scorecard Methodology.
  3. Unfortunately, many organizations are not able to benefit from the use of the Balanced Scorecard Methodology because many developed Corporate Balanced Scorecards are poorly constructed and done without first establishing a clear understanding of customer fundamental, the key foundations in Scorecard Development.
  4. This workshop provides the knowledge and a proven guided process to develop the Corporate Balanced Scorecard which can then be practically deployed.
  5. Anthony EL Tan is a certified Strategic Management and Balanced Scorecard Professional from The Balanced Scorecard Institute and George Washington University with more than 18 years of practical consulting experience working with organizations of different industries in the area of Organization Strategic Implementation.

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