Book Summary: The Leadership Engine by Noel M. Tichy


An Overview

  • The Leadership Engine provides a scientific and practical approach on addressing the issues on why do some companies consistently win in the marketplace while others struggle from crisis to crisis? The answer is that winning organizations put in place a proven leadership blue print – “Leadership Engine” – that allows the development of effective leaders that teach leadership and can continue to build leaders at every level.
  • Noel Tichy, the author provides many insightful examples as he explores this concept, often returning to mainly Jack Welch, former CEO and Chairman of General Electric as a reference point. Welch has been cited by many journalists, business experts, and academics as the CEO of the Century, and has been a significant advocate of building leaders throughout GE.
  • Tichy also examines other successful leaders' formative years and draws linkages to their current methods and perspectives. In the book, he also reminds us that developing good leadership skills is a lifelong endeavor and one that benefits from exposure to a wide variety of experiences.
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