Using Annual Performance Appraisal to develop and grow talents on 7 September 2021 via Zoom


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💥  Using Annual Performance Appraisal to develop and grow talents 💥

🛑 Facilitator : Anthony EL Tan [Senior Lead Consultant]
🛑 Date : 7 September 2021
🛑 Time : From 3:00pm to 4:00pm


Many organizations fail to understand the use of Annual Performance Appraisal for the development and growth of talents. The majority use it to mainly appraise and reward human capital based on whether they have achieved the agreed KPI and targets. Usually, they use financial-based measures and output-based measures which are very much related operations. The outcome of these types of measures mainly focus on past achievement. In other words, it indicates what has already happened at the end of each financial year; They are just lag indicators.

⭕ There is nothing inherently wrong with it. The problem here is that it does not help train existing and potential talents to develop a forward-thinking mentality while simultaneously rewarding talents based on their ability to balance their focus on operation requirements and future development outcomes.

⭕ A further issue is that in many annual performance appraisals, Competency Assessment is not conducted properly to help achieve the growth potential of talents. Ordinarily, it is just a quick ‘filling-up’ exercise and at the end of day, there is almost no impact. That is why it is not been taken seriously by most.

In other words, it does not matter what system is being used. The best appraisal system in the world will not help if the organization does not focus and do the “right” things to develop and grow talents.

⭕ In this session, you will learn important fundamental approaches to take on the use of Annual Performance Appraisal to develop and grow talents. Learn why many of the 43 successful companies in the 80s featured in the book “In search of Excellence” by Tom Peter failed in the 90s.

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